Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Selling The House

A couple years back, my husband and I dreamt of a more simple life for our family.
We have small children and wanted them to enjoy the outdoors.
Not be inside on a phone, T.V., or iPad everyday. So there our journey began to a more simple
and meaningful life. My husband and his father built our house in 2004. We loved the home and spent 14 wonderful years there, but it only had around 2 acres with it.

So we started out with 2 Katahdin sheep and some chickens. Over the next couple years it grew to 6 sheep and more chickens than I could count. The kids loved it! And we loved seeing them outside and enjoying the animals and working along side of us.

And even started appreciating the fruits of our labor!!

So that lead us to the very difficult decision of selling our house in hopes of finding more land to do what we love. There were a lot of unknowns and still are. But we are trusting in God to see us through and provide what we have been dreaming of. And that brings us to the closing on the house on Nov. 16th, 2018. A bitter sweet day. We leave behind a house we loved and are looking forward to making our dreams become a reality. Marking the end to one season in our life and on to the next.

Never be afraid to chase your dreams....If you don't, you'll never reach them!!

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